What: Will I gain weight,eatting after 8pm?

Stupi question. But okai so the other night,I got home from chillin w/some friends and I hadn’t eatten much the whole day. So I was like really really hungry. It was after 10pm. I went to get a snack and my mom was tellin me that if I eat after 8 I’ll gaiin weight or somthing. Is that true?

Answer #1

yeah you can gain weight because you arent active and if you eat before bed you wont sleep as weel becasue your body will be digesting it

Answer #2

my diabetic nurse 20 years ago told me the same thing…

we need a gd 8 hours sleep per night and if we eat after 8pm and go to bed at say 23:00 the food will not be able 2 digest properly and will turn to fat

but im trying to remember summet I was told 20+ years ago

bk in the day, yes it might have been true but nowadyas I couldnt tell you 100% whether it is or it isnt :S

Answer #3

Eating right before you go to sleep can cause you to gain weight, because you are not active in your sleep. So, you won’t burn of the calories like you would if you were awake and doing things.

Answer #4

It is a very common, very pervasive myth, but it is a myth. Your body does not process food any differently whether you are conscious or unconscious. You might not feel great going to sleep with a full stomach, but the only way to gain weight is to consume more calories than you burn. The time of day has nothing to do with it. Your intestines cannot tell time.

Answer #5

The idea that your digestion slows down because you are not awake is like saying your air conditioner turns off when you turn off the lights. Your digestion does NOT slow or stop when you are sleep. There are zero studies that say this. Zero.

Consider – even if your digestive tract somehow knew you were asleep and was not able to process food as efficiently, why does that mean it would turn to fat? Processing food into fat IS digestion. If your GI tract were not digesting your food well, it would pass through your system untouched, not be efficiently processed into fat. People who are in comas for 10 years would be gigantic.

Once again, it is a myth. Just because you’ve heard it all your life does not make it true.

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