What will happen...? Will I be able to tone up and lose?

I am eating very healthy but I wanted to know if I eat healthy and run for 30 minutes everyday and do 100 crunches/situps will I lose weight and tone up my legs and stomach? And if so how long do you think it would take? I am not fat I am just a very curvy girl! I am 5’10 and 165 pounds and I just want to tone up my legs and tone up and flatten my stomach

Answer #1

It took a month of two when I was doing that too start noticing results. But Stay away from fast food and greese and sugar and only eat ti on occations. Try to stay away from big meals and snack all day instead, on healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. Drink a lot of water too. :)

Answer #2

well I would have to say that it will probably take a while. I am a wrestler and I do that stuff and some every day and it took me forever. It will probably be easier for you though.

Answer #3

If you want to loose weight AND tone up what you need to do is make sure you do eat healthy (which you said you already do) and make sure you have a lot of protein and lean meat in your diet. For exercise you’ll want to do cardio, like running. This will help to tone your legs up a lot. One thing a lot of people do not realize is that if you do crunches the wrong way, you could actually make things worse. There are exercises that are great for the abnominals, that are more fun than the average crunch, and easier. Look them up on Google, because pictures would explain and show you better than words. There are also foods that are GREAT for getting a flat tummy. Eat Berries, lean meats, nuts, and whole wheat pastas. These foods combined with exercise, will deffinitly get you results. One thing to make sure you do is be consistent with what you are doing. Do not skip exercises or slip on your diet. You should exercise for at least 5 times a week, for an hour.

If you dont mind me asking, what do you usually eat for your diet? I know of a GREAT diet plan that has foods for you to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, even snacks. My aunt is a nutritionist and she had me on this when I was around 15 years old. Im now 21 and in really good shape. Its super easy to stick to, and its really something that you could do for the long run, instead of these super strict, stupid diets that the second you stop with it, you gain weight back.

Answer #4

hi there! I agree with xxpridexx lean meats, and a lot fo protein. the optimum eating plan these days in low carb high protein. a good abdominal excersise that is good is ‘the plank’’ which I have done many, many times in taekwondo training. to put it simply, you lay on the ground, and like a pushup, lift yourself off the ground with your arms, holding yourself up with your arms and on your toes (all like a pushup) but then drop down so your resting on your forearms. this will put your abdominals fairly close to the ground, and teh closer they are, the harder it is. try this for about a minute, then have a 30second break, then try again. you will definitly feel it. there are also many variations of situps that incrase intensity, like having your arms behind your head, and your hands touching your shoulderblades. this makes your body rely souly on your abs for the strength. however, if your arms are behind your head DO NOT bend your head forward, or let your chin go anywhere near yourneck, as this will strain your neck and head.

the best way to tone up, is to run, and do resistance training. the machines at the gym rely on the machines for the movements, not the person. look up a sit called CROSSFIT you will be pleasantly surprised.

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