What will happen if I play a ps3 game on a ps2?

I have a playstation 2 and I have assassins creed 2 for playstation 3 (don’t ask why) so I was wondering if that ps3 game will work on my ps2 and if it doesn’t will either one brake

Answer #1

Uhhmmm, if that was the case.. why would there be ps3’s?

Anyway no it won’t work because Assassin’s Creed 2 has more graphicaly and other too complicating things on it like Trophy/achivment systems etc etc Which the ps2 does not have. Just buy a PS3 or return the AC2.

Answer #2

No, neither one will break, but it won’t work. PS2 does not have the hardware capable of displaying the information on a PS3 disk.

Answer #3

I have a ps2 and one of my friends tried putting in an old ps game(from the the first ps) and it worked maybe you should try and find out

Answer #4

probably not work.

Answer #5

I tried it and it work it was totally awesome except the game didnt work on my ps3 anymore

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