A Ps3 burn Disc on The Ps2

I been wondering if I could play a ps3 game on the ps2 system but the ps3 game is a burn disk???or a ps2 burn disc on a ps3 system???I’m just wondering

Answer #1

Any Kind of ps3 game file put on a disc, or even a legally owned copy of the game, can’t run on a PS2, first of all the graphics card for the PS3 is WAY better than that of the PS2’s, and also, a Ps2 simply doesn’t have the software or hardware to run PS3 games. Now, a PS2 game will work on your PS3 if you have an older PS3 (when they first started selling) because those came with the software able to run PS2 games, but they stopped selling those a long time ago. If you either put a PS2 game in a PS3, or you put a PS3 game in a PS2, it won’t work either way.

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