Can You Play PS2 Games On A PS3?

is there any way 2 play ps2 games on the ps3 I jus got mine yesterday and its not playin my old games is there any upcomin updates 4 it

Answer #1

No, not anymore, they took out the backwords compadabloty chip in the PS3 around christmass, which is how they had the huge price drop. So sorry, you gotta w8 a few months untill the 120 gig comes out

Answer #2

ya you should beeable to.. maybe the ps2 games dont work

Answer #3

PS1 games can be played on PS2, so it probably works on ps3. :)

Answer #4

make sure you transfer your mem. card onto ps3. pick one up at best buy for like $15

Answer #5


Answer #6

yep. but some play stations 3’s dont work. i have no idea why some work and some dont but, thats the way the cookie crumbles i suppose.

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