Is there a mod chip to play PS3 games on PS2?

can I play ps3 games on ps2 if yes please tell me how will original ps3 games work on ps2 with a mod chip

Answer #1

Hmm Look at it this way.

ps2 = computer from 5-6 years ago (its out of date and cant handle the speifications to run new games)

ps3 = newer, basically triple the capability of ps2.

what im saying is, even if there was a blueray –> dvd mod (theres not) the ps2 couldn’t handle the games.

Answer #2

buy a ps 3 and have fun

Answer #3

what is a mod chip

Answer #4

The best thing to do is just go buy a PS3 and not worry about it.

Answer #5

PS3 discs are bluray discs, your ps2 only plays standard dvds.

PS3s are cheap, get one.

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