What was the most amazing/beautiful moment of your life?

what was the most emotional, amazing or beautiful moment or even you’ve ever experienced?

Answer #1

The feeling I suddenly experienced (indesrcibable) when I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my life. He did !! - truely amazing and beautiful.

Answer #2

my most amazing moment was when after trying for 9 years to give ny husband a son and we found out that it was deffinately a boy.the look on my husbands face will be something I never forget. Having all 3 of my children was amazing,most beautiful thing to me in the world.

Answer #3

The first time dad told me he loved me face to face!! :) SWEET!! lol I already know he does but that time was the only time he told me how he felt! and The first time I went camping between total strangers! no mummy no daddy, I’m responsible for myself! I felt great, I did everything I thought was right! lol

Answer #4

I don’t really describe any of my experiences so far in those words all at once, hopefully someday though. But individually: emotional - Giving my speech at my very close grandpa’s funeral. amazing - Going to old Quebec city on a boat cruise in 7th grade beautiful - Laying on the grass seeing a shooting star with my one and only.

Answer #5

any moment was special when my mom was alive but there is one I will never forget: my mom and me were in the car and you know how the blinker turns it self off?well my mom didnt and when she turned she forgot to turn it off but it turned it self off so she was like ‘ashlee look’and she switched lanes and it went off itself and of course I went’kool!’I was 6 at the time lol ever since then when it was just me and her she would watch it sometimes lol.I know long but that is my moment cherished moment with her

Answer #6

Having my children was pretty amazing, but when I think back, I recall sitting on a big rock at the mountains by a stream, in the arms of a guy who I had always had a crush on, knowing he felt the same way. I remember feeling like I had gone to Heaven, just sitting there with him and not saying a word.

And it’s not like I didn’t have boyfriends. I had a lot and was married 3 times, but this guy was so special.

Answer #7

giving birth to you

Answer #8

The day my daughter was born was both amazing and emotional. My wedding day was my most beautiful moment.

Answer #9

awww briers babe thats so cute!

Answer #10

ohh wow, all the above answers sound so cute/sweet=D

Answer #11

When I first sang in front of an audience. And it was at my cousin’s wedding. It was amazing.. And it made me inspired. And now I’m not afraid to get up in front of an audience.

Answer #12

aw, the last ones adorable theres something about seeing a shooting star thats totally amazing the other ones are really good too:)

Answer #13

I’ve not seen one yet but I’ve heard about love stories and bla bla.. that will be the day I’ll find a true love and you know be with him and!!! just something romantic

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