Hardest Moment in Life?

What has been YOUR hardest moment in life? How did you overcome it?

Answer #1

My hardest moment was probably when I was little and my parents got a divorce. My sister was verrry little, so realizing she will never really have a full, functional family like got to have for a little while, and being afraid of being in the same room as both our parents in case they fight, was probably my second hardest moment. She’s almost 9 years old now.

Answer #2

HARDEST MOMENT - being born HOW DID GET OVER IT - the doctor spanked me

ACTUALLY the hardest moment was when my wife of 17 years died from breast cancer at 36 years two months and 9 days old. HOW did I get over it? I haven’t, it’s only been 26 years.

Answer #3

My moment is lasting months. Being in love the a US Marine who has yet to come home and meet me. As he is stationed on the other side of the world, I sit here in the states, remaining faithful to a man in which I’m not even sure things will work out with us. All I have is strength and hope.

But I bet when I go through Marine Core basic training in two years, my answer to this question will change lol.

Answer #4

Probably when my girlfriend went back home.

We’re having a long distance relationship for almost a year now.

It first started as a teenage romance, but now it grew to a whole new level. I love her very much, and as hard as it seems to belive, it’s a mature relationship.

We hardly see each other, so the time to say goodbye is really tough. I always focus on the next time we’ll meet again, so I don’t get sad for much longer.

Answer #5

my hardest time iin life is rite now because I totally mess up my friendship with my best friend and now she hates me… im not dealing with it very well and I have almost given up all hope to become her friend again so yea…

Answer #6

My life is just screwed up so its all about equal. and I solved all it by being stupid which if you want to no that just ready my profile

Answer #7

when I last my uncle. thast was hard for my whole family, but was relly hard on me because I can still remember his ast word to me : kira stay out if the cookie dough was what his last words to me

fell free to fun mail

Answer #8

having my baby :] I got over it when I held her :]

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