Funniest or weirdest moments of your life?

what is the funniest (or weirdest) moments of your life:D

Answer #1

Here are a few weird moments:

When I was staying with my sister one time, she went into a sleepwalk-type trance. She walked over to where I was sitting, picked up my bag, threw it onto the floor and walked away, moaning like a zombie or something. Lol.

One time I walked into my bedroom and the air felt colder (but there were no windows or doors open). I suddenly smelled something, but the only thing it reminded me of was my granny who had passed away a lot of years ago. And then the coldness of the room went away again…

One time I was with my niece and oldest sister while driving at night. I was looking out the windows and behind us, in the sky were two bright lights, sort of like the headlights of a car. I thought I was going mad, even though my niece said she saw it too. But then the lights just disappeared…

Funny moments:

One time I accidentally called my dad “mum”. Lol.

When I was at school one time in Spanish class, I sneezed loudly (pinching my nose before the sneeze). But it sounded like I’d passed gas. The whole class couldn’t stop laughing for about ten minutes.

When I was about 9 years old, I was walking home from school with my mum. Quite suddenly a bird flew past and splattered its mess directly on my head. And then my mum told me that it was supposed to be lucky for a bird to do that, although that’s not the way I saw it. Lol.

Answer #2

I was walking into a department store but I couldn’t see I was walking to a glass wall. Slam! That was a rude awakening! :)

Answer #3

I was walking down the hall at school and fell flat on my face. I thought it was funny so did a lot of other people :)

Answer #4

Oh I have too much funniest moment like one day me and my sister went to the Mall and my sister come out from the car and fall down I was laughing too much then when we finish shopping we went downstairs I fall down from the staris front every one. hahahah :)

Answer #5

funniest: I was sitting on a pool chair eating my dinner outside and my sis was in the pool tlking to me adn I cudnt hear her so I scooted closer and I fell head first into the pool! lol adn my dinner was ruined =[

weirdest: to many to count! lol

Answer #6

The wierdest moment of my lifehappened just today. I was working when an amulance siren went off right besde the window. Needless to say it frightened the cr*p out of me but all of a sudden I was sitting in a chair in a tiny room playing chess with a man.This seemed to be going on for ages, but then I came to and I was lying on the ground and my boss just said “get up will ye”. I think I might have just fainted but it was so bloody wierd. I supposidly just fell and got up again but it seemed a lot longer than that lol

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