Your best moment in life?

Everyone has one. Ranging from getting married and finding your true love, or to hitting the lottery. Everyone has a moment in life where they look back and appreciate it. So, rather than asking a question that I’d like to know, I’d rather ask a question about you!

The best moment in my life would probably be getting a cellphone, I got one about a year ago. After some talking over with parents they finally let me have one. It was an Envy2, But seeing the front buttons messed up on it like 4 times I changed to a different one, an LG voyager. :D

So lets hear it, What was your best/favorite moment in your life?

Answer #1

the best moment in my life is when I ended the abusive relationship I was in and got into the one I am in now. I am very happy I found the guy I am with. he is the best thing that has ever happend to me.

Answer #2

the best moment in my life so far?

well, moving out of my mum’s house is the best, that the experience taught me how to budget my own money for house bills, gas, clothing, savings and stuff that I was not used to resolving with.. but as months go by, I am kinda encountering bumpy roads that I tend to call my mum still for assistance, BUT at least, those moments that my mum saves me are the moments I also treasure, plus the fact that she’s been very supportive, I can’t ask for more that her guidance-still.. (:

Answer #3

Hmmm…I’ve had a lot of good AND bad memories but I would say that my best memory would have been when I hung around with my boyfriend(now ex) and we would go around everywhere! He would take me out of practice and then we would just have fun… There are many more but that’s the first thing that came to my mind… What’s yours?

Answer #4

Being able to graduate from High school so I was able to go in to the Marine Corps due to I was a real smart a__ an skipped school an a few other things to but it all about cost me not being able to go in to the military,an I made My parents proud in graduating due to they thought Id not accomplih it,but I did.Thats My best in life but also theirs others later on but that moment stands out the most of NOT being a loser in life.

Answer #5

So far, getting married. But I like to think the best is yet to come. :)

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