What to except when you have hip replacement?

Ok so I kept having problems with my side and they did a cat scan and they said the my blood vessel in my hip or being pinched and my hip bone is fractered** and I might need a hip replacement but I have seen a bone doctor yet but I am only 18 and I am a moom I am kinda worried??? So I need some advice

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My mom had a Hip replacement in both hips {{not at the same time}} she just recently had one in Dec. and it took her about 6 weeks to walk again,, but after that she walks so good...the reason she had one was because some medicine she took after her kidney transplant in 2001 deterirated the bone in her leg and now she walks great she still has to take meds for it and her kidney but I think you will do fine after the the sugury I wish you all the luck!!!

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