What to tell my parents I'm saving up for?

Okay, me and my siblings are saving up money to send my parents to a nice hotel the weekend of their 20th anniversary, and I found a good way to make money for it, but they are going to ask why I’m so determined to get cash and want to know why. I was thinking I could tell them I’m saving up for a _ but I need ideas for that blank! lol I already have a laptop and just bought myself a new iPod. I also am not allowed to get a TV, but I need to find something that is really expensive that I could be “saving up for”!!! Any ideas???

Answer #1

… I was going to say digital camera too. You could just say you realized how important it is for you to save money, and you set a goal for yourself, and your trying to accomplish that goal by a certain date!

Answer #2

well if you tell them you realize an urge to save money for the future or because you are more responsible then they might get off your case. or you could tell them that you saw online of a cool teckno gadgec and that yo want to try and save for it.

Answer #3

Tell them you saving up for a car. . .

Answer #4

say you want a new digital camera. that’s what I always tell my parents when I start to save up loads of money.

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