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What should you do when Dr's cross the line

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I am a 205 lbs did 30 years in the US Marine Corps but was sexually assualted by a Dr.I had a a ongoing medical problem that I had to take large doses of prednisone for months becuse prednisone can stunt your imune system I developed warts on my legs & hands which required me to go to a dermatologist to have them frozen off.I had to go back several times to have this procedure.My Dermo Dr was a 20 something female each time I had to strip so she could examine me to see if any more warts were developing this included the gential area.Each time she did she would give me a quick going over down there.Until my last visit when she told me she wanted to examine my private parts this time it wasn't a hurry feel exam but she fondled everything real slow & smooth until the unthinkable happened yes I became aroused.When this happened I got upset and told her I was going to report her she just laughed and said I will tell them you produced an erection while giving you a routine exam happens all the time to males who arn't mature enough to have a female Dr gives them an exam.You will be embarassed when you have to tell a review board also what would your wife say about getting an erection over a female Dr?.is it worth the humiliation?? Since it was my last visit I decided to let it die.I know for fact when a woman is being examined by a male Dr their is a nurse in the room too.Why can't men have that too???I never told my wife or anybody about this.Also can't watch medical shows that make a delicate and humilating exam that involves the genital area for both men & women sexual