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How can I be supportive of my boyfriends cross-dressing fetish?

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My love and I have been together for quite sometime and I love him dearly. This is the man I am spending my life with. However, I recently discovered he has a weird fetish for Lady boys and cross dressing. He has always liked when I wear pantyhose and thigh highs during sex (the fabric feels good to him and turns him on) but I found out that when I am gone he has secretly been wearing my pantyhose and masterbating while he looks up videos of transvestites. Its not that I am embarrassed by it or that it upsets me (I always knew he was a little weirdo ) but I'm not sure what to think. We've begun experimenting in the bedroom to accomodate this fetish and (to my surprise!) I've been enjoying everything we do. The only thing is, he's been pushing me to let him cross dress for me and I really dont think I'm ready for that. It confuses me to think of him cross dressing because he says he doesnt like guys, only women, and that he loves me (as a woman and for being a woman) but if that is so then why does he want to dress like a lady? Everything we have tried so far I was skeptical about but ended up liking (I like things a little freaky) but I really dont like the idea of him cross dressing. Even though we've been experimenting and he wears my pantyhose I've still been able to think of him as manly and sexy, but the idea of him dressed as a woman is about as feminine as you can get and it turns me off. (And its not just pink and frillies he wants to wear, he wants the pantyhose, dress, heels, everything) Any advice as to how we can find a way for him to cross dress and still keep his manliness about him?