What should a 19 year old focus on?

What is the most important thing a 19 year old needs to focus on or look forward to?

family boyfriend/girlfriend school job living on their own friends partying religion

And what order do you think they should they go in?

Sorry, but I need your help. :)

Answer #1

Education first, then career. Right now you are building the foundation for your life. Casual dating and some partying to get a change of pace, but do not get serious with anyone right now. Maintain family ties of course, and religious ones too (if that is important to you), but your focus should generally be on education and then your career. Good Luck!!

Answer #2

Thank you! It’s hard to maintain a job and take college classes at the same time .. and dating/partying? sheesh forget about it haha :)

Answer #3

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It depends on your priorities. If you want to become a nun well religion may top your list. If you are from a conservative culture and believe in that culture, marriage may top your list. There needs to be fewer shoulds in life. And if there are shoulds, strangers on the internet shouldnt be dictating them

Answer #4

It’s probably best to start thinking about a career and then decide if you need college to get there.

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