Should they press charges against a 15 year old?

A 15 year old boy tried to break into my cousin’s house last night. She and her boyfriend aren’t sure whether they should press charges. Should they? Will it teach the kid that there are consequences for his actions? Or, will he get caught in the “system” and end up in more trouble?

Answer #1

There was a CRIME committed - press charges..maybe this will make an impression and save him from a continued and repeating downward spiral in his life (if he’s smart).

Answer #2

you should let common sense dictate if charges should or should not be pressed. was he breaking in because he was desperate and had no food and nowhere to go? or was he just another thug with already a criminal record just doing a random b&e? you could better answer question than we could. good luck.

Answer #3

I would press charges. He needs to learn a lesson now before he commits even bigger crimes.

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