What's up with 2012?

Every other page there’s a post of 2012. Too many people are worried about the end of the world, and not what they should be concerned about. Might I ask what brought this silly myth about anyway’s?

The Mayan calendar ends, the magnetic poles shift, galactic eclipse, alignment of the planets, solar storm, Nostradamus. Might I ask if anyone who claims these are signs of then end of the world, of you had done any research at all?

Nostradamus did not have a prediction of 2012 being the end of the world, those who do are leading you astray. Many scholars who’ve read Nostradamus believe that his end of the world prophecy is the sun will engulf the planet. Basically, when the sun starts to die and expands, which isn’t, at the least, for another few thousands of years.

Solar storms, they are practically harmless. What a solar storm is, the sun emits a burst of solar energy. It doesn’t really do anything other than overload power chords, the electric systems and cause a black out. Scientist are already looking for a way to prevent it. The best thing is just to turn off the power before hand. How will we know? They’re looking for that, too, and have almost found a solution.

“The super volcano can erupt at any time now.” Monitors have been placed around the volcano in yellow stone park. We should know approximately up to 10 days before it erupts. It will be a mass disaster, yes, but it has happened before and we’re still alive now, aren’t we.

As for the galactic eclipse. There’s superstitions flying about that each galactic eclipse( when the sun appears to be at the center of universe from the view point of the earth) that some catastrophic event happens. Again, though catastrophic, we’re still alive and it was never the end of the world.

The planets will align, zipidy-doo-da, grab a telescope and enjoy.

The magnetic poles will shift. They’re probably shifting as we speak. I doubt it’s something that happens in a blink of an eye, though scientist are still skeptical about that. But again, it’s happened before, the planet is still here, it hasn’t ended.

Planet X Planet X orbits close to Earth every 3,600 years. Nothing new. Now here’s something to think about if you want to. Anthropologist have determined that the 3 crucial early phases of human evolution-farming, rudimentary culture, civilization- happened during 3,600 year intervals.

And now for the Mayan calendar. The Mayan’s long count calendar will end. So? What does that have to do with the end of the world? Once the calendar ends it starts over again. As for their supposed prophets of doom on this date, show me. The Mayans have “prophesied” beyond the date of 2012, and(get this) they DO NOT have any prophesies of impending doom.

Besides, if 2012 is the end of the world, would you really want to know? Think of it here END OF WORLD, meaning you wont survive. You’ll survive a catastrophic event, but not the end of the world. If it were to be the end, which I highly doubt, why not enjoy it rather than worry about it.

However, if you feel the need to worry Worry about how to get through this recession Worry about what the government is doing with our tax money Worry about the war Worry about ways to stop global warming Worry about illness Worry about those less fortunate than you But DO NOT worry about 2012 being the end of the world.

PS: If you feel the need to post a question about 2012, PLEASE DON’T Because frankly, I’m sick of seeing it, EVERYONE whose been here for a over a month is sick of seeing it I’m sure. There’s a question on every page almost. So instead of asking what’s already been repeatedly asked, PLEASE go back and LOOK.

Answer #1

Ah, I grasp it a bit better now. Can’t say I knew Jesus was an avatar. Might you funmail me with a bit more information please?

Answer #2

Yes, all avatars have the power to enlighten all of their faithful, Jesus is an avatar, therefore all Christians will understand his message and convert to his image and likeness. Now the don’t really get what Jesus says, that’s what makes them Christians, but they surely will, and when they do that, all institutions will be swept away.

Answer #3

I can’t say I understand what you mean by “most of people will become Jesus” ???

Answer #4

by 2012 most of people will become Jesus, they will all attain enlightenment, and those who have now already understood the message, those will become contactees.

Answer #5

Did you not read my question ciara17? chuchulovely, just answering any questions of 2012 is going on about it might as well just post something that people can refer to when they have that erge to ask

Answer #6

I personally think it’s ridiculous. Who cares if the world ends in 2012? Live your lives, don’t worry about what could happen. Heck, a lot of things COULD happen that can end the world at any time. People need to stop with the hysteria, and I’m going to be in “I told you so” mode when we’re alive on the thirteenth.

Answer #7

It’s a rumour that’s been going around for years -_-‘’

I don’t mean to sound nasty or anything but It’s a little bit annoying posting questions like this aswell - because your basically going on about it too.


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Answer #9

It doesn’t bug me, I like to tell people my opinion!

Answer #10

Ditto the first answer and the Sony movie they’re doing…won’t help things :)

Answer #11

actually it ends because it is then end of a period it resets itself, starts over. It’s not because they died

Answer #12

LOL! this was ridiculously funny to read. you also forgot to mention that of course the calendar ended… because they died. :p it’s true though. many people are freaking out about it. including my father. but now he’s saying something about the world ending in 2060. I wonder what that’s about… something about a third prophet??? do you happen to know anything on that???

Answer #13

who care?

Answer #14

there is proof . & it was also predicted by Nadstrodamos ! you can research him if u’d like to know more. but he predicted alot of things& they came true! also the climate ids changing. & the orbit is changing its shape+ a medure is coming to earths way.!:O & diseases r coming.!!. other galaxiez too.! new disscoveries! plus a new era is coming. & carbon dioxide is being produced alot!. $ 2!:O wat more do u need to know.! the earth . we r killing it by ourselfs!

Answer #15

third profet??? there has been ALOT of prophets!

Answer #16

I covered notradamus already. no, he did NOT predict ANY dooms dates. READ what I typed and I’ll get back with you. Also the Earth’s climate shifts every few thousand years. The medure will come close but miss.

Answer #17

well, he DID peredict that there will be a 3rd war.! …. & this climate is caused by El nino & La nina. …..+ its actually not a medure. its a small planet.

Answer #18

It’s a complete lie.

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