What's the worst way to die?

What is the Worst way to die in you opinion.

Answer #1

slowly and poainfully which can be both emotionally and physically example… emotionally, watching all you family members die in front of you and then you die physically, being burned , cut up slowly, stabbed numerous amounts of times, ect there are lots of horrible ways to die

Answer #2

suffocating, drowning, burning, freezing, or falling

Answer #3

Suffocation or fire. Or drowning (but that really kinda falls into the catagory of suffocation)

Answer #4

I know somebody who almost drowned, and they said it was kind of peaceful.

Answer #5

Drowning or being tortured 2 death =(

Answer #6

being raped/abused/tortured, then killed afterwards.

Answer #7

1.)Going through the wood chipper 2.)Being buried alive {{with or wothout a coffin}}


Answer #8

being stoned to death!!!

Answer #9

Ermmm.. I think the worst way to die would be in a fire.. Just because once you get burned enough, you can’t move.. And then you know you’re burning to death, and you can’t do anything about it.. ..So you just have to be there, and burn more..

Answer #10

Anything slow and painful.

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