What would you consider to be the most terrible way to die and why?

Myself personally it would have to be burned alive or attacked by killer bees lol.

Answer #1

Burning I think. Or a horrible neurodegenerative disease where you cant do anything for yourself but your mind still works. That would be long, slow and horrible.

Answer #2

burning or drowning. Your air is cut off, and i can’t imagine how that is to suffer not being able to breath like that.

Answer #3

Probably the flesh eating virus.

Answer #4

Burning, suffocating or drowning would be the most horrible for me. Just thinking about dieing either of those ways freaks me out. Even seeing someone drown on a movie or something makes me feel like I can’t breathe.

Answer #5

Cancer. You lose your independence and your pride. I would rather hang myself.

Answer #6

There are many forms of cancer. I guess you mean terminal cancer? I had cancer before and I was still independent and proud :) well, less proud after I lost all my hair and puked my guts out for weeks, but I was able to beat it.

Answer #7

I believe drowning is the worst, your trying your hardest to escape the pain. Your lungs fill up with water, so much they explode. I have always feared being submerged in deep water.

Answer #8

i would say drowning, or being burnt alive.. or someone attacking you and cutting your head off..

Answer #9

I think dying in general kinda blows.

Answer #10

But falling from a really high plane and watching the ground getting closer and faster would scare the evil elmo out of anyone.

Answer #11

Being flayed or skinned alive seems like the most gruesome end to me.

Answer #12

Yeah, terminal. Because we’re talking about ways to die haha :P I’m glad you beat it!

Answer #13

This is a tough one! I guess I would go with Fatal Familial Insomnia, or Alzheimers.

Answer #14

drowning.I hate the feeling of not being able to breathe

Answer #15

being eaten alive by a shark…being buried alive…electrocution…i can think of quite a few awful ways to die

Answer #16

Any kind of suffering. So drowning, burning, being attacked by someone/something.

Answer #17

Being eaten alive by rats wouldn’t be too pleasant. Or being tortured by having a little bit of skin peeled off every day, just an inch at a time. Or slowly being stretched on a rack by your legs and arms. Oh boy those medieval people sure had some nasty ways of putting an end to someone’s life.

Answer #18

buried alive while bein paralyzed but not in a coffin but like right in the soil

Answer #19

Being cut into loads of pieces bit by bit!

Answer #20

to die alone… if i think about to die by killer bees is sort of funny. hahahaha! to be burned alive…shrug. sounds boring. when i die at 70 i want it to be an awesome death like idk get hit in the head at a concert or something unusual.

Answer #21

This young actor died just recently of the same cancer I had. :(

Answer #22

Sorry, forgot the link. http://funadvice.com/r/bm21t6sqcsm

Answer #23

Being stabed or shot and having to suffer from that.

Answer #24

drownding. f*ck thaaat, i rather burn, be stabbed, in da face. be mawled by bunnys.

Answer #25

hahaha being attacked by ugly nasty frogs!! :))) jkjk

Answer #26

I think that would be beautiful.

Answer #27

you’d die of fear before u’re even half way down!

Answer #28

you’d die of fear before u’re even half way down!

Answer #29

Hahaha I love that answer :)

Answer #30

Bunnies :O lol

Answer #31

Burned alive boring :O and an awesome death is careening off a cliff on your bike :)

Answer #32

hahahahaha! oh yea! comput high five!

Answer #33

Drowning in lava

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