What do you think is the most horrible way to die?

Maybe not painful, but scary, torturous etc… My sister and I were talking about it.. I think burned alive or decapitation…

Answer #1

Decapatation would be quick In my opinion. Burning would be HORRIBLE. For me being eaten alive in any form or way though would be hell, animals, bugs, zombies whatever.

Answer #2

I hate the idea of drowning.

Answer #3

Dieing in a fire ; Drowning ; being killed ; I would rather die in my sleep; of course I don’t think about it , I rather just enjoy life while I’m still alive because life is too short

Answer #4

Decapitation is quick and easy. Head off, dead. Burning is painful. Unless you die in the fireball of a nuclear explosion that burns you to ash within a second.

I think that horror is when you see violent death coming but you are totally helpless and can’t do anything to avoid it.

Trailing a little off topic… I actually think that death by the guillotine is less painful than death by electric chair, hanging, or poison injection. People removed the guillotine from death penalty because it is disgusting to those who watch. All that blood. Yet I think that it would be the least cruel method to kill someone. (Just to make that clear: I think that death penalty should not exist at all. Courts can be errant. And an eye for an eye is kinda outdated some thousand years.) Not using methods that shed blood there it hypocrisy. Death is always ugly. People just don’t want to see it.

Answer #5

But if you die in your sleep then you wake up dead next morning. Wouldn’t that be totally perplexing? ;-)

Answer #6

I’d have to say dying at sea would be terrible, the sea is such a vast place that theres always the chance you may never be found

Answer #7

Imagine you’re in a ‘plane about to crash. It’s going down slowly…slowly…slowly and there’s nothing you can do about it. What a terible way to go.

Answer #8

But why do you care what happens to your body after you die?

Answer #9

being buried alive is my biggest fear. I would hate the feeling of suffocating into the dirt.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Buried Alive,Burned, or eaten alive.

Answer #12

Worst ways to die are slow and painful such as Being burned on the stake Crucified Drowned Starve to death Dehydratation Bleeding to death Yeah those would all be bad I would prefer dying in my sleep but if I have to be killed I want it to be quick and painless. Decapitation actually isn’t 100% rotten_sheep_of_evil, most of the time with an ax the people don’t die on the first chop and with the guiatine the person is still alive for a few seconds after the chop

Answer #13

fall in love…

Answer #14

It is undoubtedly crucifixion, as researched and “perfected” by the Romans during the years leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus.
. Read the following if you can bear to become acquainted with the horrific truth: . http://funadvice.com/r/153pakt2239 . The short descriptions are in a sense “sanitized” by bland medical descriptions. Pretty well every issue mentioned is the equivalent of the most severe agony that you can experience or imagine. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #15

in hunger

Answer #16

i fear everything so i would say falling from extreme height, drowning, being buried alive, burning alive, suffocating to death, bleeding to death, being frozen to death or being crushed to death. i agree completely with ruby i want to die in my sleep.

Answer #17

ummmmmmm ?? you don’t wake up the next morning? its more peaceful anyways … I don’t want to die where I actually feel the pain you know?

Answer #18

Studies she that after a person is decapatated they can be conscious for up to 15 seconds. It takes that long for all of the oxygen to leave the brain. So I think decapitation would be the scariest because you’re last thought would be knowing you’re dead.. But since we don’t cut off peoples heads anymore the chance of a clean enough decapitation for this to offer is slim.

Answer #19

To eat to death.

Answer #20

I would say of course drowning for me, or even being with in a glass container like the magicians and drowning like that. DEF being buried alive I hate closed in areas and knowing no one knows where I am, I would def panic or have panic attacks under there. Burned alive would be horrible just seeing your skin fall off of you and your hair go up in flames. Also like that movie 127 hours or the guy in real life how his hand got stuck under a boulder in the middle of nowhere and he had to cut his arm off, only if you didn’t cut your arm off and was just waiting there to die. Being chained down by a killer and he was just torturing you slowly cutting you and cutting off parts of you would be sooo bad!!!!

Answer #21

i think being tortued to dealth, cause u would suffer. Or being burned would also be horrible, but yeah :P

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