what way

do you guys think is the worst way to die to burn to death or drowning

Answer #1

goddamn, based on what yumiyukai said, I would most certainly think drowning, but I have to say burning, because theres no 100% physical recovery. you have to lay down in a hospital room for probably 6 months to a year in complete pain because of the fact your skin and flesh was burned. with drowning if you’re brought back the most that could happen to you is mental damage, which doesnt really hurt, it just makes you stupid. soo… based on my thoughts, burning is a lot more worse.

Answer #2

I would say to burn to death cause drowning your instantly gone quick and burning your like being tortured until you go.. fall ..

Answer #3

burning …

because you can see your self slowly burning to death Can smel your own flesh/skin burning

but if you drown you just have like a black out …

Answer #4

burning would SUCK. I’d rather drown, at least you can kind of control when you die, like you can take the last breath, plus, I dont think I would enjoy the smell of burning flesh.

Answer #5

I think drowning.. as much as fire burns.. it hurts so bad.. but drowing… it feels like your lungs are going to bust! and your eyes are going to pop out of their sockets! and your brain is losing oxygen.. it’s natural instinct to completely freak out and panic, there’s no stopping it.. the brain tells the body to do so.. at least in a fire you’re able to control your movements and thoughts. the only thing you can think about when you’re drowning is air..

Answer #6

Drowning, because you’ll be aware of everything untill the last minute, where as for burning as soon as your body gets to a certain point you’ll pass out, or you’ll pass out from smoke inhalation.

Answer #7

Burning cause it’s very painful.

Answer #8

Burning for sure.

Answer #9

drowning. At least if you’re burning, you’re warm. and then after you die, you don’t have to be cremated after; it has already been done.

Answer #10

Burning is the worse no question ask because you would still be alive when the flame burns you flesh and you could even feel and smell it when it happen and also the fear and the wait for death !

Answer #11


Answer #12


Answer #13

I think that burning to death would be the worst way to go.

Answer #14

wo0ow good question…those are the 2 worst ways to die…but I would say burning to death is worst…

Answer #15

Probably burning…

Answer #16


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