What's the most awkward/stupidest thing you've done?

LOL, I know this is like a random question,But please tell me :p

Mine is:

When I was on disneyworld on the pool thingie, There was a fat guy(LOL) and I threw water at him(I really don’t know why).

Answer #1

Aha I was at the beach and I was throwing sand at people and one guy was watching the whole time and so when I went to throw sand at him he kind of knew it was coming so he turned around and I pretended to be scratching my back with the hand I had sand in and he just looks at me and goes ‘Don’t, just don’t.’ aha it was awesome! The supidest thing I’ve ever done happend about 20 minutes ago. I was driving and I went to make a left turn and I wasn’t paying attention and almost drove into someone. Luckly my dad was with me and jerked the wheel over. Oh, god this one time when I was late for school I went to my first class on accident that was already over and I walked in, stopped, looked around, and as everyone stared at me I just nodded turned around and walked out. Aha Or this one summer I was walking the boardwalk pretending to be retarded and I was yelling ‘I want to go to the zoo!’ over and over agian. Then I started doing ninja moves next to everyone walking by. Then I was barking at some lady’s dog and she turned around and said ‘You’re f*cking retarded.’ in a hill billy accent. I started cracking up. I laughed uncontrolably for like 5 minutes. Then I saw some dude doing yoga on the beach and started yelling ‘Whoo-hoo! Yeah! You go girl!’ even,though it was a guy. So many more things I could tell you, but I’ve already written a short story here. =P

Answer #2

ran into the same pole three times in a row than fell out of the shower:( (IT KILLED)

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