what is the stupidest thing you've done?

what is the stupist thing you’ve done because someone dared you to?

Answer #1

I was dared,to run round round the block naked!!!

Answer #2

Jumping off a bridge going on roller blades around a busy supermarket (I got stopped) rolling across a road eating butter, agree with moe214 its sick I gagged and almost threw up meh others but cant think atm :/

Answer #3

Eat a cup of butter–sick Use mayo for “hair gel” and wear it out.–hair was greasy for days Snort salt–omg so dumb Do somersaults up and down the isles at the store haha..

Answer #4

Well, just doing something you don’t want to, because someone dared you, would already be pretty stupid.

I only did it once… I made out with a girl at a party, it’s been over an year and she still tries to date me, even though she is aware I’m dating someone else over 8 months. It was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done, and I’ll regret it for life.

Answer #5

This wasn’t a dare, I have a natural stupidity… I thought that if women could handle nair shampoo on their legs then I could handle it on my head. The bottle said do not put in extreme locations (I thought they were talking about another extreme location). It litterally felt like the flesh was melting away. I dont recomend it.

Answer #6

Cool, I think mine was the best, what about you T-bone?

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