What is tha stupidest thing you have done while driving?

me and my friend as stuck in tha middle of tha highway because of a wreck, so we said don’t panick and we both scarm and everyone around us looked at us like we were dumb but we just laughed lol. So what’s your story?

Answer #1

Flicked off a road jerk. I got to a busy traffic intersection and he gets out of his car cursing up a storm. I got nervous so I honked forever and threatened to turn where it was a red light to get away from that crazy jerk. Never flick off other drivers!

Answer #2

make out

Answer #3

Was drunk AND Was at the beach at night. I.was with two girls and spilled a 44 ounce drink on me IN MY CAR..so I got compleataly naked and drove home .lucky no cops pulled me.DRIVING NAKED IS COOL.TRY IT,BUT ONLY AT NIGHT.HAY ,,I WAS YOUNG AND CRAZY THEN.I`M MUCH BETTER NOW.HAHA.

Answer #4

one time we did a chinese fire drill on the freeway !!! and another time there was some chicks on the other lane and my friends and I stuck a condom out the window and with all air hitting it it inflated really big like three feet long!!! and everyone was cracking up

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