What's a natural remedy for a.d.h.d.??

My son’s 11yrs old and we’ve been treating him for a.d.h.d. (and several other things) since he was 7yrs old? He has been on several different types of medication through the years. Recently his doc and I have been trying to eliminate some of the medications that he’s on. My son wants to stop taking the medication completly. As his mother I want whats best for him. On his last visit to the doc I suggested trying a natural or herbal remedy and much to my suprise, the doc agreed with me!! Unfortunately the doctor wasn’t much help guiding me toward anything natural. If anyone has any suggestions or any advice…we’re willing to try anything natural!!

Answer #1

I grew up with ADD/ADHD. I am becoming an adult now and I can look back on the whole experience with some perspective. Ritalin, Adderol or other medications are unhealthy and extraneous because they aim to treat something that isn’t broken. Any attempt to medicate or correct this wonderful condition the doctors call ADD/ADHD will only cause complications and health problems. I’ve seen it in many people, including myself. If he has problems in education, enroll him in a school that will allow him to learn in his own unique method and pace, with the guidance and evaluation of a more individually based teacher relation, like an alternative school, or homeschooling. It worked for me.

‘’ADD/ADHD’’ is just a label describing a slightly different human mental infrastructure. Instead of correction, we need appropriate accommodation. Most people who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are either very intelligent (savant-like in some cases), or creatively gifted.

Answer #2

Biostrath is a natural medicine that helps children and adults concentrate. basically it contains a lot of b-vitamins and other minerals that are good for concentration.

Worth looking into? http://sanatural.co.za/sanp/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=16&Itemid=185


Answer #3

Well I don’t know about the last person’s reply because you don’t have detox for everything, like something like ritalin isn’t addictive and wouldn’t require to reduce it slowly. I don’t know any natural things, but drugs for things like ADHD are just bad I think.

Answer #4

Listen to your son. I took medications for adhd and add. If he has symptoms talk to him about what they are and sicuss them with your doctor. Ask him if they are bothering him or how they are affecting him. Some side effects usually are appetite change and either you can’t sleep at all or you’re always sleeping, or increase of depression. Your son can’t just stop taking these medications because he’ll detox. Ask your doctor if you can reduce his medication to a smaller amount in the tablets/capsules. And then from there you and your doctor can observe whether it helps or not.

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