natural kidney stone remedy

I have a 6 mm kidney stone and the doctor wants to do surgery tomorrow I don’t have insurance and money for a doctor. Let alone the hospital bill I’m going to have from an ER visit and two nights in the hospital. Help someone could you give me a natural remedy I can do today?

Answer #1

I’ve had calcium oxalate stones for years…pain every day and both kidneys full of stones! The bottom line is that doctors really don’t know the cause of calcium oxalate stones! Especially when you keep producing them! I’ve tried EVERYTHING!!! The ONLY thing that worked for me was taking vitamin B6 and magnesium EVERY DAY!!! It works!!! Don’t stop taking it though…stock up if you have to! I ran out and forgot to buy more…and put it off…a month later I passed a 5.4mm stone! I had no pain for months while I was taking my vitamins! To disolve the one(s) you already have, an herbal “kidney stone” tea works wonders! You can find it at pretty much any health food store! A health food store told me more in 5 minutes than any doctor had in 3 1/2 years!!! And their advice actually worked! Drinking a lot of water helps prevent crystals from building up, but if you already have a stone (and in my case, I had many stones), it hurts worse than anything to try and flush them! I call it the bathtub effect! They swirl around in your kidneys and get stuck and don’t always want to drain! It is excruciating! And I have two kids…it was worse than labor any day! For a doctor to tell you that you don’t feel them when they’re in your kidneys, has never had a stone! Some have also told me you can’t feel it once its in the bladder either! NOT TRUE!!! Especially when it is blocking the flow of urine and you can’t urinate! It depends on the size and shape of the stone too! Tiny ones can hurt just as bad as the big ones if they’re sharp…and bigger ones won’t hurt as bad if they’re smooth! Everybody is different, every stone is different and every pain is different!!! Try the vitamin B6 and magnesium!!! Hope this helps!

Answer #2

I heard water, cranberry juice, and lemonade work well

Answer #3

eating lemons prevents stones building up- a slice of lemon should be added to your fish or meat dishes to break up the fat too. Lemon juice in hot water - bedtime and morning, will break up stones and flush them out.

Answer #4

At this point it is kind of late, especially if the doctor thinks he has to do emergency surgery.

In the future, try to drink more water, and fluids. That way, kidney stones wont get a chance to build up. Yes, it is as simple as that most of the time.

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