Allergies are there any natural remedies or anything?

I have really bad allergies all the time. Are there any natural remedies or anything because I cant afford medication or anything right now.

Answer #1

I have asthma,and the allergies have been horrendous,I use a inhaler, but black coffee will relax you were you can breathe, usually a couple sips will get it going, I feel for you as ihavethem also. best of luck to you, Summerrainn

Answer #2

There are plenty of herbal remedies that are touted as “natural” allergy relief, such a butterbur, Vitamin C, even bee pollen, but the problem with these methods are twofold:

  1. Natural remedies still cost money.
  2. The effectiveness of natural herbal remedies is wildly inconsistent at best at complete hokum at worst.

Short of wandering into the woods and chewing on random plants until you find something that works, the cheapest remedy will be to avoid those allergens that give you the worst symptoms. If the pollen count for your area is high for that day, stay inside. If you’re allergic to your pet’s dander, kill and eat it immediately.

Answer #3

raise money buy doing like lemonade stands or tag sales.

Answer #4

You can flush your nasal passages daily with saline.

Answer #5

There several home remedies to allergies at times diet monitoring is a remedy too.

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