How can I unclog my ear naturally

I’ve had a really bad cold for a couple of weeks already and it’s making me so congested! I would like to know how can I unclog my ear naturally? I don’t want to put any chemicals in my ear like drops from the drugstore, I’d rather make something with natural ingredients. So is there a natural home remedy?

Answer #1

You can put a few drops of coconut oil in your ear overnight. It works great.It’s widely used by Indians all over the world.

Answer #2

Hi ,

I’ve heard that a few drops of mineral oil will clean out clogged ears.

Also, you can try just trying to get decongested by sitting in a steamy bathroom (run a hot bath), or use a solution of about 3% peroxide 97% water (although that’s not exactly “natural”, wait until you get desperate for that).

Hope that helps.

Answer #3

Yeah all the first comments are correct but there are also these candles you can get from a health food store and they will take out LOTS of junk in your ear in a matter of minutes. about 5$

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