What is your religion?

Every child takes birth on the religion of Nature I.e the natural laws which is the religion of peace. Now her’s or his parents or elders normally makes him either Muslim, Christian , Hindu or whatever the religion he might follow. Do you agree with me the every child takes birth on the religion of nature which is full of peace or all that good.

Answer #1

There is a belieft system out there that worships nature, not sure what that is, but, I am Christian, and I worship the God of the bible. It says that we are all born into sin, since the fall of Adam and Eve, in the garden, and that to get back to God, we have to be born again. God made that possible, by paying the price for our salvation, thru the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. All we have to do is to believe what he said, and come to him, in faith. His spirit infuses ours, and then, thru his spirit, he lives within us.

Everything takes on a new light when this happens, and we see things in a way, we never thougth possible. When people try to follow the bible, without being born again, they run into confusion. Because it is a spirit inspiried book, and must be understood thru the power of the same spirit that inspired it. However, the spirit can draw one while reading it, or after reading it, because the words are inspired. but, to receive the benefits, one has to ask for and receive the spirit. Once you do, you quit looking, for you no longer have a need to.

For me, the old saying goes, “the Buck stops here !”.

Answer #2

We are all born into this world with no religion. Those who choose a religion later on either adopt the religion of their parents or buy into someone else’s belief systems.

Answer #3

no I dont. I beleive that no one can speak for everyone. there isnt one thing in tthe world that can connect with every single person. everyone is different.

Answer #4

Im going to have to agree with toadaly, nature is not peaceful. Nature is set up for survival of the fittest. The biggest, strongest and toughest generally tend to survive. Humans are not peaceful by nature, the only reason society is somewhat peaceful is a long time ago we figured out that the best way to survive was to cooperate with each other…

Answer #5

Here nature means whtat else is natural.

Answer #6


Answer #7

I total agree you with you every child born a natural religion of Peace (ISALM). but parents make them follow own faith.

Answer #8

I would love to answer your question, but I have no idea what you are asking. WHAT???

Answer #9

We are all born through nature if that’s what you mean. Nature is not particularly peaceful.

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