What position is best to get pregnant?

I am 21yrs old and I was just wondering since me and my boyfriend is trying to have a baby… Which position is highly effective to getting pregnant. well whats tha best way to get pregnant?

Answer #1

Ok, a “real” answer for you. First, are you SURE you want to have a baby at 21? I know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but I was 25 with my eldest, and still wasn’t prepared for what it did to me emotionally and physically. You’re never ever, no matter what others say, going to look the same again. You’ll be the same weight, but it won’t be “perfect” again. Just a forewarning. I wasn’t anywhere near perfect pre-pregnancy, so I didn’t care about that ;-) Secondly, it will stretch your vagina, and possibly leave scarring and/or a hernia between your rectum and vagina which could make you less attractive sexually to your partner, especially if he/you like it when he goes down on you. I’ve experienced both, and know for a fact doctors don’t like or recommend fixing that type of hernia until you’re sure you won’t give birth ever again - because it can rupture again, only worse the second time around.

If you still want to get pregnant, there really is no magic position. It’s whatever makes you both most comfortable. If he doesn’t ejaculate for a couple days prior to when you ovulate, he’ll have a higher and more potent sperm saturation, meaning more chances of fertilizing your egg. Spend a little cash, get a basal body temperature thermometer to measure yourself for a couple of months and find out what your body looks like from a temperature perspective at diffeent times of the month. Keep a journal of the days, the temps, and when you start/stop your periods. You will see a spike a day or two just past midway through your cycle - that’s your ovulation. You can try webMD or iviallge - both have ovulation calendars online - to try to guess your ovulation dates based on your cycle if it’s regular enough too. But tracking your own body’s temperature, and knowing about when the spike will happen so you can abstain for a few days then get him in you for a nice night of slow, relaxing lovemaking when you’re most fertile (and usually most highly sexual), making sure to not wash/wipe/douche the sperm out of you right away. Lie on your back, keeping your hips up a little - like by bending your knees, or having your hips rest on a thin pillow or pile of covers, or elevating your legs. This will ensure that the highest number of sperm make the journey to your fallopian tubes - way up in there, through the uterus, to the egg. By all means, enjoy as much intercourse as you want once your temperature spikes, but know that his potency decreases each time so the first time is the most important! Then, it’s just a waiting game. If, however, you’ve tried for a few months with no luck, I suggest taking him to a urologist for testing. We did that with my husband. If all looks normal on his end (because male issues are easier to see, diagnose, and treat), go see an OB/Gyn and explain your troubles. Mine put me on progesterone treatments to regulate my cycles so he could test my ovulation - but I wound up pregnant from the regulating effects and good timing! The second time we didn’t even try! Good luck! There are many great posting/chat communities at the two sites I mentioned before, for those trying to conceive, are pregnant, have kids, etc. Enjoy your childless time, but know that when you do have a baby your life will change inexplicably - you will feel more love for that little crying bundle of blanket-filling than anything else in the world. And if your relationship is strong from the start, the baby will only increase that love and commitment.

Answer #2

nice samp…I dont think that helps

Answer #3

well my body is EXACTLY the same as it was before I got pregnant so thats not true. not a single stretch mark, no tearing during labour, only a few weeks of bleeding after birth and no ‘stretched’ vagina. nothing is different. when I got pregnant, I only had sex once to succeed, shortly after my period ending and I was on top. so, truely26, dont let people try scare you and make you feel bad about wanting to get pregnant. I was 20 when I got pregnant and 21 when I had my son, and I don’t think thats too young at all because I was pysically and emotionally ready to be a mom. everybody is different so some women might not be ready at that age but others will. you only know yourself and cant have oter people telling you :-) I really hope you get pregnant soon cz you know thats what you really want :-D all the luck in the world to you :-D xx

Answer #4

in the best time for ovulating you better try to let ur boyfriend to be on top “missionary” it is effective

Answer #5

any was is good…u just have to make sure u get all his sperm in u.

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