When are my best days to get pregnant?

I wuold like to get pregant, I started my periods on the 19 of January 08

Answer #1

I suspect that FAU is a FunAdvice robot that recycles unanswered questions, because some one, some where wants an answer.

So, fau, the best time would be a day or so before the mid-point between your periods. The worst time would be during your period. Neither is guaranteed, so if you are trying NOT to get pregnant use birth control 100% of the time.

Answer #2

If you’re on a 28 day cycle (1st day begin the day you start and the last day is the next time you start.) The ONLY time you can get pregnant is the 14th day. But since sperm can live up 3 (“supersperm” 5days”) You can get pregnant the 13th, the 14th, and the 15th day.

Answer #3

im confused aswell

how cood you get pregnant if your male? how cood you even have your period if your male??

Answer #4

how can u if your a male

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