What materialistic thing do you want right now?

Just wondering, What are you saving your money for? What would you looove to have? I find it really interesting all of the different things that people want.

Answer #1

a car, and clothes that chicks off movies and tv have.

Answer #2

a mac

Answer #3

good car speakers (:

Answer #4

I want a new straightener. and a camera

Answer #5

A pug… im half way there too I have $262 and I need $400 by the end of May

Answer #6

A new deck and walk…and front door…and back steps… :) Oh, the list could be SO long

Answer #7

an I pod touch and a new digital camera mines is messed up also a new cell phone

Answer #8

A new laptop lol.

Answer #9

I touch

Answer #10

A better car! A newer one like an “04” and up

Answer #11

1975 chevy silverado. Or a mud truck.

Answer #12

Left4dead 2 , God of war… lol games :D

Answer #13

A car :D

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