One thing you want to do before dying?

Whats one thing you really want to do before dying?

Answer #1

I want to move to the Alaskan wilderness and live out my life as a hermit.

Answer #2

Get married.

Answer #3

See my grandchildren be happily married.

Answer #4

get tied to a tree by a midget under a

                  tree populated with fuzzy wuzzy's...


Answer #5

See my girlfriends Sweet 16 but apparently that’s not going to happen since she won’t let me so I guess just meet my celebrity crushes Anahi and Selena G. And Make myself known as a actor and be remembered as a cool singer

Answer #6

well there are 2 things.

  1. hang out with the guys from atreyu, bfmv and alesana.. and 2. spend a whole day and a whole night in my loves arms! >_<
Answer #7

2 chicks at 1 time

Answer #8

I want to see Japan

Answer #9

be able to go en pointe

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