What makes someone Pretty?

What makes someone pretty? Like, I would consider asking if I was pretty, but I don’t want to look for pity, so I am wondering what DOES make someone pretty? Is it natural? Or what?

Answer #1

no males have answered that question… wonder why…

Answer #2

being beautiful is natural if you believe that you are beautiful and you ahve confidence in yourself then nothing and noone can take that away from you

Answer #3

As they said Bueaty is natural! I think people love you more when you act yourself, you know dont be afraid to stand out above the others, but not too much cause then they might find you annoying! And I also think its about make-up too! People sometimes feel imbarrassed to be walking with a clown, so yea were color, just not a lot! Besides being natural is beaing Beautiful!

Answer #4

hmmm what makes someone pretty? Well what makes someone pretty is there personality…I think anyways. think about it cute personality=cute girl but anywayz I think your beautiful and dont try to change what dosent need to be changed!

Answer #5

I agree beauty is natural, and without any conceit. it means you are also confident to walk outside the house without any make up or any hair products, and still look good. Beauty in short is being confident with no drama

Cute is what people are that have the potential to grow out of it. Attractive is when it fits a certain need for the other person. for example - I may be white, but find the looks of an Ethiopian women attractive for their cultural look - naturally this is a generalization and an understanding that we all have some cultural appearances

Answer #6

u cant make your self pretty you just have to believe you are

Answer #7

I think that you are beautiful. Beauty is a natural thing. No amount of make-up or plastic surgery can make a woman beautiful. That woman has to believe in herself and know that she’s beautiful before anyone else can say anything about her.

Answer #8

beauty is what is inside that count so to answer your question be positive

Answer #9

OMG YOU ARE PRETTY!!!OMG!Compared to me,u are an angel!!!

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