What is your opinion on the one-child policy in China?

I am doing a speech for geography and I need to include peoples’ opinions on the one-child policy… Do you think it is unfair or fair?Give reasons.

Answer #1

It’s draconian and brutal.

What business is it of the government how many children you have? Authoritarians suck.

Answer #2

I can understand the reasoning behind the one-child policy but it is having many unintended consequences. Girls are often aborted, abandoned, or killed because families want a son so badly. The boys growing up now will find it much harder to find a spouse.

bubbles: the one child policy would is more accurately “one pregnancy” When parents have multiple births they do not have to choose one. In fact, some Chinese couples without fertility problems are taking fertility drugs to increase the odds of having multiple births.

Answer #3

While I do not advocate government mandates, I do see there will eventually be a need unless slowed now.

I think if it comes to that, we will have gone way down the slippery slope. If reproductive rights include abortion, they surely should include the right not to have one also. I don’t think you can have it both ways.

Answer #4

Well, I can’t say that it’s fair, but sometimes these kinds of restrictions are necessary.

Answer #5

its fair in my opinion the place is already very overpopulated, and not to mention what some people still do to there babies if they have a girl instead of a boy however I think the main thing china and asia altogether needs to do is fix there age of consent 14 is too young, kids that age are likley to have little if any sex educationad kids having sex are obviously going to get pregnant if they dont know the consequences of it and we hear so many cases of chinese kids under 10 who get pregnant

Answer #6

I sat both..it’s unfair because if a chinese couple have twins they can only choose one..and think of how hard that is?!?! But I say it’s fair because people that can’t have kids have the opportunity to adopt and have kids and be happy…thats a hard one

Answer #7

its fair, unless the parents have twins. china has way too big a population and its too crowded. Japan has a higher death ratio than birth ratio and they call it an achivement because over-population is also extreme in japan

Answer #8

I support zero population growth. The world is horribly overpopulated and that will present a tremendous problem with food and water in the future.

While I don’t like a government telling families how many children they may have, it might be the best thing for our future.

Answer #9

I agree with utopia. There are enough people breeding out there. The Chinese policy of one child helps a lot in curbing population growth.

Answer #10

I don’t think the answer to overpopulation is having the government set limits on the number of children that are born. I can’t see any country, other than a totalitarian one, that would ever do this. Overpopulation goes hand in hand with poverty and poor education. Deal with those problems and you will see population growth wane.

Answer #11

jimahl…I completely agree with you. Overpopulation does go hand in hand with poverty and lack of education. Unfortunately I do not see the possibility of any change unless the population is curbed. There is a documentary ‘Beyond Babyland’ filmed in Memphis that is on PBS that demonstrates this quite well. Memphis leads the country in infant mortality due to staggering poverty, lack of education and existing overpopulation. While I do not advocate government mandates, I do see there will eventually be a need unless slowed now.

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