What is your opinion on Rais Bhuiyans campaign (read description)?

Mr. Rais Bhuiyan was shot in the face one of his eyes was blinded by a man named Mark Anthony Stroman who tried to avenge 9/11 by killing people who “looked Arabian”. He actually killed two people. One man from India and one who was born in Pakistan.

Mr Stroman has been sentenced to death for two murders and one attempted murder. He is waiting to be executed on July 20th.

Mr Bhuyian started a clemency campaign, demanding the death sentence to be replaced by a lifelong / without parole sentence.


Me, I admire Mr, Bhuiyan. And I think he’s ‘s doing right. But then I don’t think that death sentence is a good thing at all. What do you think?

Answer #1

I think that’s wonderful of him, you’d have to be a great man to do that. I don’t like the death sentence either. Imo, If you’re dead you’re not being punished. Death is merciful.

Answer #2

Being anti-capital punishment, I can appreciate where this man is coming from. You don’t often see a victim asking for clemency on his attacker. It is quite admirable. The death penalty accomplishes nothing other than a false sense of closure for the family. And while some cases seem clear cut, like this one, too many innocent people have been executed. Bottom line is capital punishment does nothing good for society.

Answer #3

I totally agree with that. Especially the judicial error scenario is scary. I think that death penalty should be abolished.

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