Why does China only celebrate the birth of boys?

why did traditional china only celebrate the birth of boys? was it because they could carry on the family name? please answer! thanks!

Answer #1

they’re actually both right…

Answer #2

haha no problemm:]

Answer #3

thank you guys so much! haha you just saved my history project :)

Answer #4


its because when a couple get married they both look after the parents of the man.

so chineese people want a boy so that when he grows up, him and his wife will look after them, but if they had a girl the girl would look after the husbands parents

Answer #5

nooo your wrong jackk its because… every couple that has a baby in china wants a boy mainly because the boy will grow up and help out with getting things and doin all kinda things like the father like fariming or wahtever. soo they have too choose if they keep there boy or girl. like if they have more than one they have too choose one. we juss recently learned about it.

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