What is Chinas culture values like?

Like, is there anything different between U.S values & Chinas? & I know they have different sports & food than us, but HOW DIFFERENT is it?

Answer #1

(im not from china, but I come from a country where 70% of the pop. is chinese. and im chinese myself. been to china many times as well, mostly to visit relatives -.-)

age of consent? for sex or drinking? if im not wrong, china does impose an age restriction for alcohol (18 I think) but it is not observed countrywide.

generally speaking, china values are more family-centric, while americans seem to be more individualistic. this is especially true in rural areas, where it is not uncommon to find families with 10 children (the one child policy is ineffective in rural areas). however, the bigger urban centres are extremely westernised, except for the pollution, and most urban families are nuclear. however, family loyalty and filial piety remain big, big values in all parts of china, even in urban regions.

generally speaking, people in china are also very obsessed with tv dramas. not that americans arent, but people in china go CRAZY over serials, especially korean ones, to the extent that many of their malls have HUGE posters advertising these serials. sometimes they even screen popular serials for 10 hours straight in one day (thats 10 episodes!)

again, generally speaking, china people are extremely patriotic. there are many, many people in china who hate their flag, anthem et al, but its a minority. and it sure helps when much of the media is controlled by the central chinese gvt. nothing anti-china at all on chinese tv

Answer #2

china has no age of consent the u.s and pretty much every other country does

Answer #3

Family and society are higher priorities in China, whereas the individual is a higher priority in the United States.

A Chinese student may not want to go into engineering, for example. But he or she will often do it anyway because it’s good for the family and because it helps the national economy. Most US students pick their career based on their individual preference or because of individual opportunities. This is a broad generalization, but it appears that’s what you’re asking for.

Answer #4

Not the whole China eat dogs and incests. Most of the Chinese people can’t stand seeing those food neither. Dog is illegal, so it’s not served everywhere as most people think. Maybe one or two places in those poor cities. The sports are actually the same, chinese just like soccer/football more than basketball. If you think the US doesn’t eat anything weird, I have seen lizards on sticks and hamster like rats in a stew before. Both countries are somewhat alike, they are both big and very different within “States”. Some parts are rich, some are poor. There are downtown like cities and there are farms. If you go to the wrong part of the country for vacation, then you won’t like it.

Answer #5

china has no age of consent the u.s and pretty much every other country does

Answer #6

Well…one big difference in food…we don’t eat dogs and cats…

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