What is your kind of style you like to wear?

Ohkay!!! Im so bored Anyway I like to wear that laid back style, like plaid shirts with shorts or a tank under the plaid shirt and lo top converse, with lots of bracelets and one neckalace. Umm.. Ripped skinny jeans and regualr pairs of jeans that are ripped. This is my summer style Oh sometimes I like short summer dresses with cute sandals. Oh!!! I like to wear mini skirts with any color leggings. Plus my converse or sandals. And a fitted t-shirt. But thats juss my style!!! Whats urs??? I luv summer thats why I didnt mention winter clothing. Because I dont care what I wear during winter because its cold

Answer #1

Jeans, band t-shirts, hoodies, boots. That’s pretty much my entire wardrobe.

Answer #2

hmmm…well im boy! I wear tightish pants… just normal t’s. well I wear slippers and sock. hahah but your style sounds sooo much cooler. :)

Answer #3

Loose and comfy is my way. I wear boxers (loose) loose faded jeans, and a loose t-shirt that is 2 sizes bigger then my size and usually a loose hoody. I like loose because it isn’t tight. By loose I don’t mean my underwear are showing and my pants are around my ankles I’m not into that.

Answer #4

I go for more of a rocker chick kind of look. I like wearing dark colors like black, dark purple, dark blue, gray. I love wearing skirts or shorts with patterned tights or leggings with some converse or black boots and a leather jacket. I love wearing skinny jeans. I love wearing studs. And for accessorizing, I like to wear bracelets and some chain necklaces

Answer #5

lol, I am answering here just to give a little contrarianism. I only buy clothes every 3 years. I buy the same thing every time. Jeans and black t-shirts. Call me johnny bravo lol I don’t care. If I’m wearing something other than that you know I stole it, or someone gave it to me. I’m very utilitarian when it comes to clothes. Strangely enough, I look good enough for me in my generic wal-mart clothes =D and they last forever, I’ve been wearing the same 4 pairs of pants for 2 years. I can’t personally justify spending more money on a pair of pants because of who made or designed it. It’s a pair of pants to me and that’s all any pair of pants can ever be. And it damn well better cost less than 30$!!

Thank you for opening this hole that I can rant in!

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