What is a good style for a 14 year old girl to wear?

Ok I am 14 years old and I have blonde hair that is usually straightened but sometimes curly. I really don’t like my style but I can’t thnk of any other one. So I would like to try to find some cute outfits to wear to school. Thanks

Answer #1

CAITLIN!! (it’s carly obv.) YOUR STYLE IS FINEEE!!! sorry caps. just don’t go punk… not you… I like your outfit you wore to the mall on newyears.

Answer #2

Use thestylediet on youtube and dulcecandy87 they bth have excellant fashion advice

Answer #3

I like pony tails or pig tails.

Answer #4

Hun wear your own style !

Answer #5

I think you look really cute in that pic I’m all so 14 I wish I could have your number I’m not a creep or anything and you could txt me and if you have questions I can help answer

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