What kind of different scene styles are there?

I was just wondering if there is different kinds of scene girls. Because there are ones that wear like neon colors and lots of color and there scene hair is colorful. Then theres ones that wear like normal just plain girl clothes like just a white top with some plain like blue skinny jeans and flats or something and there scene hair is like one color like black. I don’t know I was just wondering because its seems like two different scene styles..

Answer #1

there are LOTS of different styles of scene because this sterotype steals its style from other sterotypes so now there are a lot of mixed things that are classified as scene that have all been taken from other sterotypes some have one colour of hair, some have lots, some wear fake hair extensions and coon tails, some part there hai to the side, some dont, some poof it up like mad, others dont, some wear childrens clothes, some wear emo style clothes, some wear sneakers, some wear flats, ect but basically its an attention seeking style

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