what is your favorite flower?

ok I’m working on a…project…and I am just curious to what your favorite flower is. try to be original. I don’t want “roses” think up something unique, pretty please!

Answer #1

Sunflowers are nice.

Answer #2

I know this was asked over a week ago, but I still want to answer.

I love sunflowers. I want to name my daughters(cause I’ll probably have twin girls.. lol) Lillian and Rose So, obviously I love lillies and roses too. Um, baby’s breath.

Answer #3

orchid :)

beautiful :) :)


Answer #4

I love Petunias, Lilacs, Day lillies, Gardeenias. My favorite flower, is really Lilacs.

Answer #5

Freesia, for the fragrance.

Answer #6

I have always liked the Bird of Paradise.

Answer #7

One of my favorites is carnations.

Answer #8


Answer #9


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