what to do with old flowers?

my boyfriend bought me amazing flowers for valentines day. roses, and tigerlillies [[my absolute favorite]]

what can I do with them, theyre starting to wilt and die,but I want to keep them.

Answer #1

you can use put it in a think book and let them dry. this way they will dry flat and you can put them in a photo frame :D

Answer #2

YOu could dry them upside down. They stay pretty forever, just dried. You can’t keep them from drying.

Answer #3

I heard if you use hairspray on the flowers they last a while…

Answer #4

you could hang you’re roses upsidedown, and you could take your other ones and place them in a book… I always tell my boyfriend, never get me roses because they die to quick,.. and are way to expensive… and I find just normal flowers mean just as much, And last way longer.

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