Is diet pop bad for you?

Everyone says even diet pop is bad for you. Is that true? and how?

Answer #1

Aspratame kills your memory cells. It must be true that I have been drinking diet pop to much over the years that I notice I started forgetting things a lot.

Answer #2

a lot of diet cokes are bad for you because they contain ingredients such as aspratame as an artificial sweetener, which can be very addictive.

Answer #3

Most processed food and drink is unhealthy. You can’t get around that fact. Just drink the normal one (non diet) but just a little. A little of everything will be just fine, it’s when people can’t control themselves and have too much when its a problem. Don’t have too much of ANYTHING and you won’t have worry.

Answer #4

It’s not necessarily true that diet pop is bad for you. Though there are some studies out there that link the ingredients in diet pop to multiple sclerosis in women (M.S.) Diet pop is also thought to increase the risk of cancer among people as well. Though none of the above information has actually been downright proven, the possibility remains evident that there is a higher chance of acquiring M.S. or cancer.

Answer #5

that dudes nerd

but im pretty sure its fake see,they put more fat in it to get you fat, and then you as a fat person will be adicted to soda and then want more. so you will paying more money to there corperation.

Answer #6

I mean has*

Answer #7

It still has calories and sugar

Answer #8

it was different sugar in it thats supossed to me not good for you

Answer #9

Carbonated drinks IN GENERAL aren’t good for you… try drinking water…

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