Calories in diet coke

How many calories in diet coke? I know it says 0 or 1 I cant remeberr. But I think it lies how mnay calories is in diet coke?

Answer #1

it can’t lie.. that’s illegal. It’s still really bad for you. all it is is a bunch of artificial sweeteners that your body will try to burn off before it burns off the calories you already have. Don’t drink soda, it just makes you more thirsty anyway.

Answer #2

coke 0 does not actually contain ANY coulourings, it says on the can.

If it says 1 then it must be 1. it can not lie- if it did then it could be put out of business and would have a bad repuatation.

Coke has a secret mixture and the exact ingredients are not know although it does contain syrup and spices.

Answer #3

every diet beverage is absolutely free of calories and sugar. but there are still artificial sweeteners and diet pop is not necessarily healthier than regular. still drink it in moderation.

Answer #4

Diet Coke does not contain any calories, as it is essentially just a can of water, amino acids (aspartame), brown food coloring, and air.

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