Diet soda bad for you?

I’m obsessed with diet pepsi. (: my friend told me that diet is actually worse for you than regular sodas. Is this true?

Answer #1

Artificial sweeteners are generally more difficult for your body to process. You also claim to be ‘obsessed’ with Diet Pepsi. That would indicate a potential physical or habitual dependency.

That’s reason enough for you to cut back.

Answer #2

I heard it gives you cancer

Answer #3

Back in the 70’s we all drank mass quantities of a diet soda called tab. The artificial sweetner called sacharin was reported to be a cause of cervical cancer. Todays Diet Sodas are very safe in comparison however I am not too sure of their health benefits.

Answer #4

diet soda has a certain chemical that can cause neurological problems.

however, the quantity is so little that you will not die overnight.

with that, you wouldnt die at all.

the body would just get rid of it

Answer #5

yea it is bad for you because theres a chemical in there to make it “diet” but it does something bad

Answer #6

There is also aspertaim which can cause memory loss after like 30 years

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