what is this considered stealing?

okay so I needed my pain pills and I asked my firend to get tem for me and she said that she wasnt home so I went there and went through the doorwitch was unlocked and I grabed my pain pills ,. so now she is trying to say that she can get me fo stealin causeit was in her houe . can she get me for stealin? what bout tresspasin / breakin and enterin

Answer #1

She can’t get you for anything. If she actually was stupid enough to involve the authorities, just tell them she said you could go get them. Friends don’t threaten other friends like that, so really, she isn’t your friend.

Answer #2

well you are tresspassing however its not like your stealing something that belongs to her/her family its something you asked her to get you and if you paid her back for it I doubt it could be stealing but tresspassing in her house without her permission was wrong

Answer #3

you cant be done for stealing something tha belongs to you but yes, you could be done for trespassing

Answer #4

We know its yours but its Her house. So its not considered stealing its just trespassing, and you can go to jail for it.

Answer #5

you cant walk into someones home without their permission

Answer #6


Answer #7

how so its my stuff

Answer #8

she didnt but she keeps sayin that I should be scared of her cause she can call the cops on me

Answer #9

What person above me said is right, it’s your word against hers so of course you would just say she gave you permission. However, it is tresspassing…and no most of the time you don’t go to jail for it, here it’s just a 75 dollar fine.

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