What if I got caught stealing and im 17, will I go to jail?

I got caught stealing a 40 dollar bathing suit and im 17 but I have never done anything really bad or put on record in my life. if I do everything I can to correct the situation and show the judge that I will not ever do it again and ihave been punished enough, will I go to jail? what is the worst thing that could happen to me?

Answer #1

I cant be positive but since you dint have a record and if you give it abck or pay for it which ever and you apoligise and make a good case you should only get comunity service or stuff like that but I cant be positve. it might only be a warning

Answer #2

no I wasnt arrested, they just brought an officer in and had my mom sign me out and sign me up for a court date

Answer #3

Were you arrested for it?

Answer #4

well if they are nice and you get caught they might let you go but you will have to pay for the item

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