Why is gold considered the most precious metal?

why do ancient civilizations and even people today consider gold as the most precious metal, why isn't copper, or aluminum, or any other metal considered precious

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I'm assuming because it's harder to come across. And the other metals you mentioned are easier to find.
Ancient civilizations probably found it easier to make their jewelry/other things with it because it's one of the softer metals, plus maybe they just thought it was pretty;) But they probably used other metals too for tools and stuff.

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I agree with Aubrey also, gold doesn't oxidise with air or water and its highly resistant to corrosion and most other chemical reactions

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^^didn't think of that.:)

Is this considered stealing? :(
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gold also kicks ass when it comes too withstanding heat..you gotta melt it at a really high temperature where..copper and other metals would melt right away

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It's not. Platinum is generally more expensive than gold. It is true that speculation sometimes pushes the price of gold above platinum but historically platinum is more precious than gold.

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