Is this considered stealing? :(

I work at a grocery store and well obviously we can’t sell things that are expired right?

Well I work in the dairy department and for everything that goes rotten we have a bin where we throw it and every night they empty the bin in the garbage.

So every night when I’m working with people and say there were milkshakes that are going to expire the next day and the store was about to close (so no one could really buy the milkshake and it was about to expire), instead of throwing it out the people I work with drink the milkshake (before it expires) then they throw it in the garbage bin. Is that considered stealing or if I do it would it be okay?

Answer #1

Before I got married I was a Customer Service Manager in a Grocery Store. The policy says that anybody contributing to “Shrink” will and can be fired. This includes all damaged or expired product.

So, yes you can be fired for doing this. Technically it is a waste, but a policy is still a policy.

Answer #2

ask your boss if its okay and if it is …

… celebrate with a milkshake yum lol

p.s now I reely want a mikshake lol

Answer #3

im not sure it probably would be considered stealing with most jobs because a lot of companies are greedy about that sort of thing if they cant sell it, they throw it away but if people get it for free its stealing however, I wouyld do it too its a complete waste of food/milkshakes ect so if its going in the bin, its only fair that people should get it whern its about to go bad anyway in fact they should just start up a night were people and homeless people could come by and help themselves to all the things that will expire the next day …they probably wont though but thats what they should do with it

Answer #4

probly considered stealing but I would do it, I mean its going in the trash,its not benefiting anyone in there! this is off topic but I went to Sonic one time and ordered a milkshake and got the wrong kind so I called and got another one and had taken a few bites out of the first one and the guy said he had to have it back no matter what and then walked over to the trash and threw it away…what a waste!!!

Answer #5

yep me too

Answer #6

probably considered stealing - but I’d do it!

Answer #7

if you take something from somewhere that isn’t yours that you didn’t pay for or ask to have, YOU STOLE IT!!!

Answer #8

boss might consider is stealing, I personally think its a waste

Answer #9

yes I would…why let it go to waste, but just to be safe…ask your boss.

Answer #10

no well maybe is better than wastin it

Answer #11

I would do it to

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